Hello! I’m Kola! I’m a ML Researcher based in London, UK.

This is my technical blog about Machine Learning.

My main current research interests are:

  1. Adaptive Neural Computation
    • I’m especially interested in approaches which allow networks to spend more compute on difficult tokens via early-exiting mechanisms, MoE and related approaches.
    • I maintain an annotated collection of research papers in Adaptive Computation for the community.
  2. Mechanistic Interpretability - broadly defined as the study of reverse engineering neural networks from the learned weights into human-interpretable algorithms.
    • I’m particularly interested in universal representation learning (and its philosophical implications), automated interpretability and compositionality.
  3. Computational reasoning
    • This can often overlap with either Adaptive Computation, search-based methods and neurosymbolic approaches to computation. I’m also interested in automated theorem proving and code generation as playgrounds for general reasoning capabilities.

Previous research interests have included the Linguistic properties of Mathematics, ML applied to Musicology and Logic.

Find me on Substack for other writing or on GitHub for code.

Feel free to reach out by email, give me anonymous feedback here or schedule a chat with me about the topics above here.